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We discovered Sandra Meynier Kang and her eponymous brand SMK thanks to Who’s Next unique collaboration.

Freshly graduated from Atelier Chardon Savart, she launched her own brand 4 years ago in Seoul.

A refreshing vision, a casual minimalistic style, « gangnam style » Made In Korea, and of course sustainable, this is the « SMK » sprit. We’re very happy to interview Sandra about her new collection and to share her best looks!

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S&StP: What is « to be green » for you?

SMK: First of all: to be “green” would be to be aware of who we are in our environment; and then I guess, to be educated (whatever the type of education); to be able to recognise what’s going wrong and try to find solutions to fix that.

Do you remind of your « green coming out »?

Not really ~ I have always loved animals; actually more than clothes so I have always been respectful toward the animal world before even thinking about what was actually “green“. I guess loving animals (all kinds of them) was my first step into what we call “green” today.

What are your 3 main green daily actions?

I would say:
- 1. I make bottles of fruit and vegetable juice to drink all day long for me and my husband (be healthy ;)),
- 2. I make sure my waste is well sorted for recycling (Korea’s trash system is quite strict)
- 3. Being vegetarian (?). I believe the mass meat industry is actually terrible for the environnement.

What is the « non-green » action you cannot get rid off?

Take the plane. I travel a lot so I often fly around the world.

What is the global « green friendly » action you admire most? Dream of set up?

There are actually a lot of  “green friendly projects“ going on and all of them are admirable.
If I had to pick one; I would say the movie “DEMAIN” by Cyril Dion and Melanie Laurent which should be released by this year.
I think it’s an awesome initiative to go travel the world and give a voice to all people who found real alternate solutions in order to reverse the sinking process of our planet.

Who is your glam fashion muse?

With no hesitations : Stella Mc Cartney

Who is your daily guru?

Pierre Rabhi, Alexandro Jodorwosky and Yann Barthes (he allways makes my day)
I cannot have only one “guru” in my life ;)

Can organic be orgasmic? Which dish?

With a “tartare d’avocat bio ” like they made at COMPTOIR102 in Dubai.
I don’t know how they prepare it, but I have never eaten a better one.

What fuels you all day?

Unfortunately, cappuccino.

Do you have a secret garden? (you can tell?)

My secret garden is as secret forest.

What is the super power you would like to have to save the planet?

I would like to have an unbreakable magic stick which can fulfill everything I ask for.
Then I don’t have only one super power to change the world, I got them all ;)
So I would start by stopping the use of pesticides in the agriculture, the mass market of meat, clean the oceans, forbid the shale gas exploitation and nuclear power, replace that with cleaner and safer energy… There is so much to do that even with a magic stick it would probably take several lives to save the planet!

Where is your lost paradise?

In Malaysia, on Gaya Island.
At night, you have to close your bungalow door because monkeys like to come inside and take your stuff out ~ haha!

What is your current bedside book?

I am currently reading the bible, to better understand history.

The movie that moved you?

« Ce que le jour doit à la nuit” by Alexandre Arcady.
I based my SS14 collection on that movie.
I don’t know if it’s the colours, the context, the impossible love between two persons, but this movie moves me a lot.

The music song that gives you the smile?

First be a Woman” by Gloria Gaynor; I always see my best friend singing and dancing on it, it makes me smile yeah.

What are you addicted to?

If we talk about addiction, I would say cappuccino and yoga.

What is your uniform for this season?

For Spring 15; my uniform is white and beige. Wide white pant with raw linen off shell tailored jacket and big beige scarf with tassels finition.

What is your mantra?

« Be trustful to life »

What is the best way to share the « green attitude »?

Maybe just thinking. Thinking about our conditions,. Is there any hierarchy in nature? Are we better than other species or vegetals?
We could close our eyes and re-open them like it’s the first time of our life, and then ask ourselves, does what surrounds us feels normal or logical?

What is the ultimate argument to convince to save the planet?

Trust in humanity. If we can do our worst, it means we also can do our best.


Sandra Meynier Kang

Sandra Meynier Kang


Sandra Meynier Kang

Sandra Meynier Kang


Sandra Meynier Kang

Sandra Meynier Kang


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