Sky Sheridan

Sky Sheridan is a New York based entrepreneur and philanthropist. After modeling for ten years, he decided to get away from the fashion and marketing industries and started focusing on yoga and healthy ways of living. He then decided to invest his creative energy in putting people on the planet before profit. Sharing the natural resources to end poverty, hunger, disease, and war are the issues he’s been aware of and trying to improve. This is why he founded SkyFarms, an app and website that puts food production in the power of the people’s hands. SkyFarms creates access, support and incentive to grow, buy and sell, fresh, local food. The app is a real support for eco-farming, as well as a network that puts farmers and customers in touch.
Sky’s kindness and involvement have touched our heart. Here are his answers to our traditional
« green » questions.

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What is «being green » in your opinion?
Being green means to grow.  As someone who studied biomimicry, and sustainable systems, green to me means following the precise natural design and order we can observe in the cosmos, inside our cells and on the planet, which means knowing where energy comes from and where it is going. This requires self-reliance, self-organization, renewable resources where nothing is wasted, where diversity thrives, and power is distributed, or shared, in creatives not destructive ways for the purpose of keeping the whole system healthy, and durable.

Do you remind of your « green coming out »?
My first time becoming aware of green is when I began studying money and profit and these things were put first above people and the planet from which they came. I didn’t feel this was a very good definition or measurement of growth.  So I began to study another kind of green, one that would give us better tools to define our worth and value.

What are your three main eco friendly daily actions?
Conserve Water, Manage Consumption, Do-It-Yourself

What is the « non-green » action you still can’t help doing?
Buying some non-local products like coconut water is a luxury I still indulge in at times.

What is the global « green friendly » action you admire most? And dream of setting up?
The most powerful transformation is occurring right now in agriculture, and i’m so proud and excited to be part of the U.N. Global Goals, where the mission is to end hunger by 2030.

Who is your glam fashion muse?
Everlane is a brand that sets a good example for radical transparency, so you get to see how much everything cost to manufacture, where its coming from and what makes it so glamorous.

Who is your daily guru?
Too many visionaries to choose one, but if I had to it would be Buckminster Fuller.

What is your favorite ecofriendly dish?

Can organic be orgasmic?
Well I think part of having an orgasm is the journey in which it is achieved, and the beautiful thing about organic is that you get to experience the whole journey with every bite; it can be just as euphorically delicious.

What fuels you all day?
I’m so into superfoods, and also fermentation daily, but simply making sure I get as much dense nutrients in my diet comes from eating dark, leafy greens in all varieties and combinations everyday.  Juicing is a good way to do this.

Do you have a secret garden? (you can tell?)
I do, I have my little sprouts that I’m always growing in jars.

What is the super power you would like to have to save the planet?
Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish, and he’ll eat for life.  Educating people how to take care of themselves by growing their own food, and understanding where their energy comes from is a superpower.

Where is your lost paradise?
Tucked away somewhere in the alps, with tons of animals, a greenhouse, a writing room, nestled by a river or lake.

What is your current bedside book?
Stranger in a Strange Land, by Robert Heinline

The movie that moved you the most? Or recently?
Contact, by Carl Sagen, and more recently Interstellar

The song that makes you smile?
John Denver, Rocky Mountain High

What are you addicted to?

What is your uniform for this season?
Black Trenchcoat, black jeans, black t-shirt, black hat

What is your mantra?
« It always works out »

What is the best way to share the « green attitude »?
When you live green, you don’t have to convince anyone, you are already doing such a service to them, and the planet, it’s felt, it’s seen, and it’s so fulfilling for yourself that you don’t need anyone else to get it, admire you, or jump on board, you do it because you love it.

What is your ultimate argument to convince people to save the planet?
How can we have infinite consumption on a planet with finite resources?



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