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29 janvier 2014



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After San Francisco, here’s a new City Guide! We’re super happy to welcome our first guest writers: Karo & Franz, to guide us through Bangkok greeness. And as they’re the best to describe themselves: « What do you get when you combine a Belgian kitesurfing/ civil engineer with a globe-trotting “wanna-be-Ecuadorian-and-17-years-old-forever” chick? For starters, a couple who fought to name their son either Hyppolite (his choice) or Dieguito (her’s, duh!), so had to settle on a Thai name. Sorry little Khun Tawan; yes, we know you will thank us with all those tattoos before your fourteenth birthday… But more importantly, you get fun times and a life played to the soundtrack of that awesome song from Les Bronzés Font du Ski! On est Belges et on a la frite! »

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Who says Bangkok is all about red or yellow shirts? Delve into its bustling chaotic alleys, markets and soi’s –small street in Thai– and you will see enough hipster-inspired moustache-laden shirts to make any Williamsburger get (even) pale(r) with envy. Yep – the capital of Thailand is becoming more green, more artsy, and more trendy/fashionista by the nano-second. Slow-drip coffee roasting vendors are popping up everywhere, fighting spicy sausage sellers for space between the potholes on so-called “pavements”; more and more sexy Thai chick’s are adopting the “Steve Urkel” look, leaving you (and your boyfriend!) with “torticolis” as you check them out and wonder what genetic god blessed the women of this Kingdom with such good looks that wearing granny jeans and pocket protectors makes them look even hotter than usual; and pop-up art events in “dive-bars” with cool sounding cocktails served in mason jars are also mushrooming about town.


- 7pm – 9pm: Shopping & Drinking @ Talat Rot Fai

Talat Rot Fai Bangkok What? You decided to start a troll collection to rival your little sister’s collection from the 80s? You want a vintage Vespa scooter in the perfect aqua blue so you really stand out next to tuk-tuks amongst the traffic madness? You want to buy an old leather purse that clearly belonged to a Chiang-Mai Betty Draper grandmother in the forties? And you want all of that sold to you in sweet flea market style by vendors who look like the Thai version of the Girl’s cast, tattoos of houses peeking out of their shirts and all. At night? Well you can do all that at Talat Rot Fai BKK’s night “vintage market”. This market is a must if you want to feel good about saving the planet even though you are actually shopping (buying your 23rd pair of old converse is recycling right?) all whilst people-watching and grabbing drink(s) at one of the vintage VW vans turned into disco bars, parked on the side of the stalls and selling cheap cocktails galore.


- 10:00pm: zzzzz @ Bangkok Tree House Hotel

If I tell you that there is an eco-friendly “treehouse” hotel, that is surrounded by plants, exotic lizards, birds, fireflies, cicadas, butterflies, where you can sleep in a bamboo “nest” with the starry sky your only roof and the only ones peeping at you as you bathe away in your outdoor shower are the palm trees (and maybe a couple of geckos)… and that it happens to be literally in the center of BKK (and can only be accessed by boat and on foot) will you believe me? Well, I bet you a bottle of Moet that it exists so go check out this one of a kind Bangkok Tree House hotel, spend a heavenly night there and you’ll thank me later with the bubbles.

Bangkok Tree House Hotel


- 8am – 1pm: Discover BKK on two wheels

Ahhh biking. It’s green, it tones your bod, it makes you look totally in for those cute fixie-crew dudes you have as friends on facebook and – organic cherry on the gluten-free carrot cupcake – it happens to be the utmost BEST way to discover BKK. Book the historical city tour with Follow-Me Bike Tours (, and you will be propelled on an unforgettable voyage of sites, smells, colors, and eclectic encounters. It will lead you through the back alleys of china town, through flower and vegetable markets where you can stop to taste some of the most vibrant fruits you’ve ever tasted (or weird looking doughy things you will never want to know the origin of), and past the breathtaking must-see tourist sites. You’ll get to see where the kids play after school in their uniforms, where the old ladies gossip, where the monks hang their clothes to dry and where the young men lounge around playing cards for money (illegally) or where ice cubes are made.

Bangkok streets

Chatuchak Weekend Market

- 2pm- 6pm: Discover Chatuchak Weekend Market

This 15,000 stall market is infamous for the variety of good you will find for sale here, as it sells much more than your usual “my auntie went to Thailand and all I got from her was this stupid t-shirt” paraphernalia; you can literally buy everything under the sun here (and yes, wear sunscreen cause you will be under the sun) from religious Buddhist amulets to live puffer fish. But Chatuchak also happens to be a treasure trove for cool handmade clothes, jewelry and other sweet little treasures. For example, head to Hey Pilgrim!” in section 2 where you can get that adorable nephew of yours the cute hand-made, Thai-designed/produced top with a bear donning an eye patch, which every 2 year old clearly dreams of owning.

Anyway, you’re tired and hot from biking across town and need an organic fresh coconut ice-cream served in the actual shell? Or you want to sit in a little happening bar with a cold Singha, eating roasted fava nuts? Well you know you can find everything at Chatuchak so enjoy the marvelous food stalls as well. [Info: and ]

Pilgrim chatuchak Bangkok


- 8pm & Later: Dinner & Drinks @ Smith Restaurant & WTF Bar

Excellent restaurants, which also happen to be trendy + ethical – proudly proclaiming their “nose-to-tail”/farm-to-table menus – are proliferating in BKK. Head to Sukhumvit to eat at Smith and enjoy both the vibe and “humanely treated” selection of meats. Because yes, it seems that the organic locally sourced calf tongue you just ate apparently came from a baby cow that was treated “humanely” just before it landed on your plate; bon appétit.

Afterwards, head to WTF Bar (obviously an acronym for “What the Fuck”) for their poetry night or to dance to Isaan* mixed tunes in the street whilst drinking a craft beer . Then walk across to Opposite WTF to check in on an exhibition by local Thai artists.

*Isaan: Northeastern region of Thailand

[Info: & & ]

- 11am: Brunch

In the growing trend of Bangokian’s love of artisanal coffee and NY style brunches, Rocket Coffee Bar is the newest and hippest kid on the block. Your espresso can come from Burundi or Ethiopia; the choice is yours, but it will be very strong and good. This new place is so hip you will probably have to wait for a table, but hey, what the heck – there is a DJ mixing tunes whilst your egg is poaching so it can’t be that bad.


rocket coffee bar - bangkok

- 3pm: Best massage of your life

Where? Everywhere. No need to go to over-priced fancy-shmanzy spas, you will get your blissful massage in any of the dozens of place lining any street you are walking on. If you happen to be a snobby
enter the country of your choice here who refuses to take off his red pants to don the light little pajama-style outfit you must change into for the full body massage, well then, take off your moccasins and have an unforgettable foot massage instead. (Tip: a two-hour massage is NOT too long).


bangkok beach thailand

Jump in a car/mini-van/taxi and head West to the peaceful beachside fishing town of Pak Nam Pran, about 3hrs away. It’s 1 million and 1 times nicer than its more popular sister city Hua Hin. Stay in one of the 2 rustic thatched huts in the cute garden at Pranberry Bed & Breakfast and then head to the beach to (a) try kite-surfing or (b) drool at the kite surfers or (c) all of the above if you are a good multi-tasker. No wind? No problem – head to the brand new fun Kite Cable Park 10 minutes away from the beach where you can wakeboard, stand-up paddlesurf or just enjoy drinking cold beers at the “island-bar”, watching the sun go down whilst the locals show off their tricks. and or For excellent kite surfing, course head too: